PD Plus SoC Controller

· PD3.0/PD3.1 Compliant PD sub-system

· Full-featured SRC/SNK/DRP

· High performance RISC-V RV32IMC core

· Enhanced peripherals in PWM/SPI/I2C/UART 

· Small footprint and FreeRTOS support

UM3506 SoC chip internally structured in TCPM/TCPC layered architecture to achieve a complete PD/Type-C system. It integrates native TCPC-like analog front end, innovative RISC-V ISA based 32bit MCU core, on-chip Flash/SRAM memories, enhanced peripherals and extensively system resource. It enables flexibility to manage power policy, extension to customized functionalities on control and interactive in one PD plus differentiation system.

5 products in total
Part number VersionRoleDP/DMCoreOperating voltage (V)Max frequency (MHz)DMAGPIOFlash (B)RAM (B)EEPROM (B)ADCDACOPATL431,FBLSCSAVCOMPXTHXTLTemp SensorWDTTimerPWMUARTSPII2CBuzzerCANQSPIUSBAnti-CopyAESSHAHRNGCRCPackage
UM3506-BPQF PD3.xSRC2RISC-V3.3~2433Y14256K8K-11*12bit--YY----1342-2---Y----QFN24
UM3506-BPQH PD3.xDRP2RISC-V3.3~2433Y24256K8K-15*12bit---Y----1362-2---Y----QFN32
UM3506-BPQJ PD3.xDRP2RISC-V3.3~2433Y30512K8K-15*12bit--YY----1362-2---Y----QFN40
UM3506-BDQF PD3.xDPR2RISC-V3.3~2433Y16256K8K-11*12bit---Y----1342-2---Y----QFN24
UM3506-BNQF PD3.xSNK2RISC-V3.3~2433Y16256K8K-11*12bit---Y----1342-2---Y----QFN24

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