2.4GHz Wireless MCU

· 2.4GHz Communication Frequency
· ARM Cortex-M0+ Core

The 2.4GHz transceiver SoC UME3213 integrates ARM Cortex-M0+ core with 32MHz operating frequency. It adopts 2.4GHz communication frequency band, supports 1Mbps transmission rate and wireless transmission within 130 meters, and supports 7dBm maximum transmission power. The chip sleep current is only 0.7μA.

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Part number CoreOperating voltage (V)Max frequency (MHz)Flash (B)RAM (B)ModulationTx power (dBm)RX current (mA)DescriptionTX current (mA)@7dBmData rate (bps)RF Frequency range (GHz)RX sensitivity (dBm)@1MbpsPackage
UME3213 Cortex-M0+1.9~3.63264K8KFSK/GFSK MSK/GMSK-20~7162.4GHz SoC341M2.402-2.53-89QFN40

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