·BLE5.0 Communication protocol
·1-2Mbps Data rate
·ARM Cortex-M0+ core

BLE5.0 SoC UMB3213 integrates Arm Cortex-M0+ core with 32MHz operating frequencyBLE5.0 communication protocol is adopted to support 2Mbps transmission rate and wireless transmission within 200-meter, and support 10 dBm maximum transmission power; chip sleep current is only 0.7μA. The low-power design ensures that whole solution work under button battery supply.

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Part number CoreOperating voltage (V)Max frequency (MHz)Flash (B)RAM (B)ModulationTx power (dBm)TX current (mA)@10dBmRX current (mA)DescriptionData rate (bps)Package
UMB3213 Cortex-M0+1.8~5.53264K8KGFSK-20~10145.8BLE SoC1M/2MQFN40
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