2.4GHz RF Transceiver

· 2.400-2.4835GHz Frequency
· Modulation: (G)FSK, OOK
· Tx Power: -34dBm ~ +20dBm

The 2.4GHz transceiver UM2052 is a single-chip transceiver with embedded baseband protocol engine. It operates in the global ISM band and is suitable for ultra-low power wireless applications. The wireless system only needs a MCU and some external passive components. MCU operates and configures all registers of Transceiver with serial peripheral interface (SPI) . The embedded baseband protocol engine supports various modes from manual operation to advanced autonomous protocol operation. The protocol engine reduces the system cost by handling all high-speed link layer operations.

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Part number Operating voltage (V)Frequency range (MHz)ModulationTx power (dBm)RX current (mA)DescriptionTX current (mA)@0dBmRX sensitivity (dBm)@2MbpsData rate (bps)Package
UM2052 1.9~3.62.400-2.4835GFSK/FSK-34~20172.4GHz RF Transceiver15-871M/2MSOP8

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