Sub-1GHz RF Transceiver

· Frequency: 200MHz - 960MHz
· Tx Power:: -20dBm - +20dBm
· Modulation: (G)FSK, OOK
· Data rate: 0.1Kbps - 250Kbps

Sub-1GHz RF Transceiver UM2010 is a low-power, high-performance, monolithic integrated (G)FSK/OOK wireless transceiver operating in the range of 200~960MHz. It is internally integrated with complete RF receiver, RF transmitter, frequency synthesizers, modems, etc. only a few simple and low-cost peripheral devices are required to obtain good transceiver performance.

3 products in total
Part number Operating voltage (V)Frequency range (MHz)ModulationInterfaceTX/RXBULKTx power (dBm)TX current (mA)@10dBmRX current (mA)RX sensitivity (dBm)@0.5KbpsData rate(kbps)DescriptionPackage
UM2010-NCQE 1.8~3.6200~9602(G)FSK/OOKSPITX/RXY-20~20186.6-1250.1~250Sub-GHz TransmitterQFN20
UM2002-NCQE 1.8~3.6200~9602(G)FSK/OOKSPIRX--20~20-6.6-1250.1~250Sub-GHz TransmitterQFN20
UM2001-NCQE 1.8~3.6200~9602(G)FSK/OOKSPITX--20~2018--0.1~250Sub-GHz TransmitterQFN20
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