UM800x series

·  0 wait states, single cycle 8-bit core

·  Up to 24MHz Frequency:

·  Up to 64Kbytes Flash

·  Up to 17 GPIO

     UM800x is an 8-bit MCU series chip with an  8051 core with 24 MHz CPU clock frequency, offers up to 64Kbytes of Flash program memory. It is equipped with rich peripheral interfaces, 8-Channel 12-bit SAR ADC,  LVD and LVR modules, and supports up to 11 PWM, 4 UART, 17 GPIO and 1 can bus.

14 products in total
Part number CoreOperating voltage (V)Max frequency (MHz)GPIOFlash (B)RAM (B)EEPROM (B)ADCLVDLVRRCHRCLXTHLPTimerWDTTimerPWMUARTSPII2CBuzzerCANAnti-CopyPackage
UM8005-ACQE 80512.0~5.5241732K2K+256-8x12bitYYYY-11242111-YQFN20
UM8005-ACTE 80512.0~5.5241732K2K+256-8x12bitYYYY-11242111-YTSSOP20
UM8005-ACSA 80512.0~5.524632K2K+256-8x12bitYYYY-1124211--YSOP8
UM8004-ACQE 80512.5~5.5241732K2K+2561K8x12bitYYYYY3129 (2 pairs *)4111-YQFN20
UM8004-ACTE 80512.5~5.5241716K2K+2561K8x12bitYYYYY1129 (2 pairs *)4111-YTSSOP20
UM8004-ACSA 80512.5~5.524516K2K+2561K8x12bitYYYYY1125 (1 pair *)4111-YSOP8
UM8004M-ACQE 80512.5~5.5241716K1K+2561K8x12bitYYYYY11311 (3 pairs *)4111-YQFN20
UM8004M-ACTE 80512.5~5.5241716K1K+2561K8x12bitYYYYY11311 (3 pairs*)4111-YTSSOP20
UM8006-ACQE 80512.5~5.5241732K2K+2561K8x12bitYYYYY11311 (3 pairs*)41111YQFN20
UM8006-ACTE 80512.5~5.5241732K2K+2561K8x12bitYYYYY11311 (3 pairs *)41111YTSSOP20
UM8006-ACSA 80512.5~5.524532K2K+2561K3x12bitYYYYY11311 (3 pairs*)4111-YSOP8
UM8007-ACQE 80512.5~5.5241764K2K+2561K8x12bitYYYYY11311 (3 pairs*)41111YQFN20
UM8007-ACTE 80512.5~5.5241764K2K+2561K8x12bitYYYYY11311 (3 pairs*)41111YTSSOP20
UM8007-ACSA 80512.5~5.524564K2K+2561K3x12bitYYYYY1135 (1 pair *)4111-YSOP8

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