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Fringe Benefits
  • Competitive compensation system
    Competitive compensation system
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    1、Excellent Staff Selection

    Every quarter according to the work situation of the star employees of the quarter, and give rich rewards.

    Annual Outstanding employee, Best employee, best contribution award, etc.

    Each year, according to the performance of the year, different titles, cups and certificates will be awarded, and generous rewards will be given.


    2、Project Funds

    Project bonuses will be awarded annually according to the project situation.


    3、Annual Salary Adjustment

    At the end of each year, salary will be adjusted according to employees' performance in that year.


    4、Patent Bonus

    In the invention patent utility model patent layout-design software copyright, according to the time point of acceptance and authorization, a large patent prize.


    5、Talent Recommendation Award

    According to the talent needs of the company, recommend employees to join the company successfully, you can enjoy the employee recommendation award.


    6、Other Special Awards, etc

  • Five insurances and one housing fund commercial insurance
    Five insurances and one housing fund commercial insurance
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    Endowment insurance; Medical insurance; Maternity insurance; Industrial injury insurance; Unemployment insurance; Accumulation fund; Supplementary health insurance.

  • Annual physical examination
    Annual physical examination
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    Free physical examination every year for the healthy development of employees escort.

  • Free gourmet lunch and dinner
    Free gourmet lunch and dinner
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    The professional logistics team communicates with the cooperative restaurant on daily catering to ensure everyone's food safety and nutrition balance.

    Leisure tea area with snacks, ready to enjoy.

  • Apartment style staff quarters, metro Direct
    Apartment style staff quarters, metro Direct
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    Furniture appliances complete, carry bags in;

    Large residential district, beautiful environment;

    Three rooms and one hall layout, each person has an independent room;

    Subway cover, convenient travel, two subway stations to the company;

    Next to the community is the commercial center, shopping, eating and shopping are within walking distance。

  • Transportation subsidies communications subsidies
    Transportation subsidies communications subsidies
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    Communications subsidies; Transportation subsidies; Meal allowances.

  • Flexible working hours
    Flexible working hours
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    Flexible commute time allows employees to arrange their life and work more reasonably.

  • Annual leave 2 days of welfare leave can be......
    Annual leave 2 days of welfare leave can be......
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    Annual leave as prescribed by state law shall be exercised

    In addition to the statutory annual leave, the company provides an additional 2 days of welfare leave

  • Birthday benefits Organize regular department dinner party establishment
    Birthday benefits Organize regular department dinner party establishment
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    The company holds staff birthday party every quarter, professional organization and planning, so that employees work and rest

    Organize Tours for all staff every year

    Occasional team and department dinner

  • The company provides employ......
    The company provides employ......
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    Tutorial training on entry

    Room for sustainable development

    A fair and transparent promotion system

    Perfect team mechanism, provide more comprehensive career development plan

  • The young and energetic team, t......
    The young and energetic team, t......
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    The average working experience of the industry is more than 15 years, so that young employees can get more learning opportunities

    Relaxed and energetic team atmosphere, promote workplace happiness

What channels can you apply for positions at UNICMICRO?
You can send the resume to UNICMICRO in " " and " " and " " as shown in the recruitment email, or send the resume to UNICMICRO human directly”.
What is the application process of UNICMICRO?
After preliminary screening resume human resources recruiter, qualified candidates resume will be sent to the head of choose and employ persons. Through telephone interviews and a few rounds.
How long will it take me to get back to you after the interview ?
After each round interview about a week, you will get UNICMICRO hr reply.
Can I send my resume to UNICMICRO if t...
You can. Applicant can send resume to company hr department dedicated email "" or contact me directlyEven temporarily no suitable vacancies, but as long as you have appropriate knowledge, skills and experience, the hiring department will produce according to your specific situation assessmentI believe you realize your dream career in UNICMICRO.

Unicmicro (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. focuses on the industries such as new energy, inverter motor control, low-power IoT and automobile electronics, providing customers with differentiated microcontroller chips, fast charging and digital power management chips, analog and RF front-end chips, as well as innovative solutions regarding low-power IoT, digital power and motor control.

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