The new battery pack integrated with Type-C interface supports bidirectional high-power charging and discharging on a single TYPE-C interface. QC2.0/3.0 protocol is optional and the maximum input/output is 100 W (5 A E-Mark cable required). As a SoC controller chip, UM3506 is responsible for implementing board-level system policy/status control and indication for the main control of the mobile power supply. Combined with the bidirectional BUCK-BOOST power supply IC, the chip can access and control the external power supply IC via the standard I2C digital serial interface / PWM interface to enable charging-discharging / boost-buck / power system setting, etc. The solution can be easily integrated on the BMS board.

Block Diagram
Features & Benefits

PD/Type-C DRP bidirectional solution, one Type-C

Supporting 3–6 strings of battery

Type-C port output: 5/9/12/15 V @ 3 A, 20 V/5 A MAX (E-Mark 5 A cable required)

Type-C port input: arbitrary input, up to 20 V/5 A (customizable within 60–100 W as required)

USB A port power output optional

Hardware-level secondary protection available, BMS primary protection optional

UM3506 implements PD DRP protocol, power management, BMS, and communication with electric tools to ensure the safety of charging and discharging

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