Blood oxygen saturation is an important physiological parameter reflecting whether the respiratory function and oxygen content of human body are normal, and whether the tissues of our body are healthy. In recent years, with the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and the popularization of medical knowledge, the growing emphasis on monitoring blood oxygen brings about an increasing demand for pulse oximeter in both medical care and household.

The UM32G130 series of Unicmicro is a low-power 32-bit MCU developed based on ARM Cortex-M0+. This IoTP processor features low pin count, wide voltage range and rich peripherals, meeting customer’s needs for solution implementation.

Block Diagram
Features & Benefits

Solution features:

Pulse rate and oxygen saturation detection

Automatic shutdown without manual operation, energy-saving

Battery power detection, real-time indication of remaining capacity

Display switching of 4 directions in OLED interface

Alarm for abnormal pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation, timely feedback abnormal body status

Solution benefits:

Ultra-low power consumption, super-long standby time

High integration, simple peripheral circuit and low cost

Quick wake-up, quick start-up

Full-featured solution, significantly shorten the development cycle

Key product recommendation

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