Disinfection spray gun using UV-C spectrum to remove bacteria and viruses from air or protective masks can be widely applied in the fields ranging from factories, medical institutions, offices and homes. With wide coverage and large consumption, it has a good market prospect.

The UM800Y series of Unicmicro is an ultra-low power 8-bit MCU with rich peripherals, including 16 KB eFlash, 1 KB + 256 B SRAM, 12-bit ADC, UART, SPI, IIC and CAN. This series is applicable to a variety of scenarios such as main control, ADC conversion and motor control of disinfection spray gun, meeting customer's needs for solution implementation.

Block Diagram
Features & Benefits

Solution features:

Function key

Battery indicator

Charging control

Solution benefits:

Ultra-low power consumption

Rich interfaces

Easy to implement

Low cost

Key product recommendation

Unicmicro (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. focuses on the industries such as new energy, inverter motor control, low-power IoT and automobile electronics, providing customers with differentiated microcontroller chips, fast charging and digital power management chips, analog and RF front-end chips, as well as innovative solutions regarding low-power IoT, digital power and motor control.

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