Based on the characteristics of sub-GHz signal, Unicmicro introduces the UMICLINK reference solution featuring star network topology, which allows the secondary development by customers to bring the project into reality in a short time. The network scale of the reference solution is 200 uplink and downlink nodes, supporting ML non-power-saving mode and S power-saving mode, and the communication distance between gateway and nodes is up to 1,000 m (10 Kbps).

The gateway reference design offers a WAN concentrator based on private wireless protocol, with RF channel set at the center frequency of 433 MHz (configurable within 200 MHz–1050 MHz). It can freely network with terminal modules and communicate with servers through wireless protocol.

The chips developed by Unicmicro used in the solution include the high-performance industrial real-time controller chip UM3243F (as gateway master controller) and the sub-GHz wireless MCU UM2080F32 (as gateway communication link processor and sub-node).

Gateway Block Diagram

Intelligent networking can allocate channels for network nodes in advance and reduce the difficulty of on-site construction.

Management and status display of terminal node

Ethernet and 4G supported

Rich status indicators

The gateway can automatically upload data to the server.

Up to 6 wireless protocol channels can be configured as UMICLINK-ML protocol and UMICLINK-S protocol.

Support common communication protocols such as MQTT, HTPP, etc. for the practical solution.

Possibility of providing long-distance, low-power and multiple-device mount for IoT devices

Built-in RT-Thread open source operating system supporting secondary development


PKE (passive keyless entry) system consists of car key and on-board control unit. When the car key enters the specified range, it receives the induction signal from the vehicle-mounted module and transmits an acknowledge signal. After receiving the point wave signal, the car end judges whether it is legally authorized to automatically unlock. The data stream is usually 64 to 128 bits long, including a preamble bit, a command code and a rolling code, which is often transmitted at a rate of 2 KHz to 20 KHz and in ASK modulation mode, so as to prolong the battery life of the key chain.

Unicmicro provides a complete PKE solution based on the key solution composed of RX SoC UM2082F08 with low power, high performance and low frequency and TX FSK(OOK) UM2001 (or 2.4-G TX chip UM2052), and the TX end of base station composed of low-power 32-bit MCU UM3213A and FSK (OOK) RX chip UM2002 (or 2.4-G RX chip UM2052).

Block Diagram

Effective trigger distance: 4–5 m

Intelligent two-way communication system, no manual intervention required

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